Natalia Bellido

The artistic name of the pop band is, in turn, the real name of the group’s composer Natalia Bellido, from Mairena del Aljarafe.

As a child, she was a student at the elementary music conservatory. Music and writing have always been his escape route.
In 2012 and after several years playing in a rock group, they formed the band Natalia Bellido and decided to release their first EP.
Since the beginning of the band, they have released and composed 5 albums and several singles, all published on platforms such as Spotify.
His songs have won several contests and even collaborated on soundtracks for independent films such as “Ligones”.
They have composed for other artists such as recently on the album O’funk’illoterapia by the band O’funkillo and others.

From purely Pop/Rock songs to others with more jazz or funk aspects.

Each song a story, each story is you, and that is what they try to convey in each of their concerts, because they cannot conceive of making music without symbiosis with the public, they affirm.

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