Lolo Ortega

Musical career Influences and performance characteristics

Until arriving at Caledonia Blues Band, Lolo Ortega is part of ÔÇťGarraÔÇŁ, a hard rock group from Seville. Later he created his own rock group, called ÔÇťPronostico ReservadoÔÇŁ; and later when he was not yet twenty years old, he founded the Caledonia Blues Band.

As an anecdote, it is worth saying that on one occasion he was invited by Albert Collins himself to play with him in a concert. He has also shared the stage with Hubert Sumlin, Michael Coleman, Louisisna Red, and many others.

At the same time he shares the stage with Raimundo Amador, doing some unprecedented versions of Jimmy Hendrix under the name ÔÇťLos IntocablesÔÇŁ, a band formed by both in 1989.

After leaving his mark on several Caledonia recordings, he presented ÔÇťLa Dama El├ęctricaÔÇŁ in December 1991. It is worth highlighting in 1992 the work he did hand in hand with Kiko Veneno in the recording of his LP ÔÇť├ëchate un cantecitoÔÇŁ (His best Album).

The following year he accompanied him on the ÔÇťIt’s very good that affection is very goodÔÇŁ tour, replacing Raimundo Amador.

He has collaborated with groups such as Los Andabluses and Las Soles, as well as his participation in the tribute to Joan Manuel Serrat.

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