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5€ for each download.

Upload your music to our Platform. Everybody’s going to be humming your tunes!

What does that mean exactly? When your songs are uploaded to the Platform, you are allowing people to download them in exchange for a donation (5€ or more). This money goes towards the fight against Cancer.

1. Visibility as an Artist and income through sales of your merchandising

2. Sell whatever you like on our platform for Musicians and Artists

3. Through your music you can support the fight against Cancer

And all for no cost to you! You are just one click away from joining.

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We give you 5 reasons why you should belong to our non-profit association. Join our community today!
  1. Sell ​​more. A new channel to sell your musical and merchandising work
    spiritual growth.
  2. A supportive space where your presence is an altruistic act adding another dimension to your work and your life.
  3. For independent musicians. A different platform because there are only original works by independent creators.
  4. Exclusiveness. An exclusive community where each creator has their voice because there is no mass.
  5. Increase Visibility. Increase your visibility through our reach on social channels.

You are just one click away from uploading your music

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